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The most popular server side scripting language used to construct millions of websites as of today. Sites like Facebook and Google were built based on PHP. It is pretty easy to learn, possessing many advanced features and can be used as a general purpose coding language across all types of websites. Being relatively recent and due to its popularity, the PHP developers are always on demand.

We will be covering Course Duration : 120 Hours. Fasttrack, Weekend and Online courses are available and we can customize based on your need and time.

Basics of PHP

  • PHP Introduction, php.ini
  • PHP requisites and wamp installation
  • Syntax, Data types
  • Images
  • Numeric, Date, String and Array functions
  • Regular Expressions
  • Control Structure
  • Define functions
  • Superglobals
  • Form Handling
  • Filters – Form Validations
  • Project1: Blog or Forum Creation

MySQL Syllabus

  • Understanding Database and Structure
  • Introduction to Normalization and Data Modeling
  • Introduction to MySQL and Datatypes
  • SQL Statements - Create, Insert, Update, Select and Delete
  • Where Clause
  • Joins
  • Group Functions
  • Connect to MySQL from PHP
  • Procedural and PDO functions
  • Backup and Recovery

Advanced PHP and Ajax

  • Managing flat file
  • Managing images (GD lib)
  • Working with Sessions and Cookies
  • Mail Functions
  • OOPS and Examples
  • Ajax and Examples
  • Cron Jobs
  • Working with Charts
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Project2 - ECommerce - Shopping cart project
  • Project3 - Signup using Social Media (Facebook)
  • Introduction to JS plugins
  • Introduction to MVC
  • Understanding CMS: Example - WordPress

Data Prevention and SQL Injection

  • All about Hacking
  • Prevention Techniques

Onpage SEO and .htaccess

  • Understanding SEO World
  • Meta, Error Document, Creating SEO Friendly URL
  • Understanding .htaccess and sitemap

phpMyAdmin and Hosting

  • Understanding phpMyAdmin and features
  • Create Database and managing tables using phpMyAdmin
  • Hosting

Basics of Web Designing

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Working with CSS and Bootstrap – Designing Form
  • Introduction to JavaScript: Examples
  • Understanding DOM and Nodes
  • Introduction to JQuery and Syntax
  • Form Validation using JQuery

Understanding Project Management

  • Understanding Customer – Implicit and Explicit requirements
  • Estimation Techniques
  • Testing Strategies
  • Importance of Change Management
  • Communication Etiquettes and Professional Ethics

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