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What is UI Design?

A Web designer is the person responsible for determining the look of a website. They design the layout, the colors, the fonts, and all the visual aspects of the site. The designer’s job is very crucial to reduce bounce rate with elegant visual appeal. The designer can impact the business transaction especially in e-commerce sites.

How do I know if I could fit in?

  • Do you have interest in paintings, arts, poems, photography?
  • Do you take that little time to admire wonders of nature like those drizzling, wavy mountains, passing clouds and just close your eyes when the gentle breeze brings fragrance?
  • Do you like colors and able to differentiate?
  • Do you like different shapes of letters and lines?
  • Do you have that creative edge?

If your response is affirmative to any of them, then be assured that you could do well in this creative domain.

What is the demand for web designing?

Web design skills are more desirable today than they have ever been before - and that is not likely to change anytime soon. Whether you are a large corporation, a small family-run company, a non-profit organization, a politician, a school, government agency, or any other kind of company or organization, it is almost certain that you need a website. This, of course, means you also need web designers to create or maintain those websites.

The prediction from Ministry of Labour that by 2020, the e-commerce market will grow for more than $50B in India alone. Read article on E-Commerce. This means more demand on web, graphic and mobile designing are expected.

What is the expected Salary Package?

According to, the web designer on an average earn in the range of 1 lakh to 4 lakhs INR per annum when starting career. This might greatly vary depending on the location, company and your expertise.

Is there any special qualification needed?

No, Any degree or diploma will do. You just need to have an interest as stated above and good front-end coding knowledge.

Do I need to learn web development also?

Having additional expertise will always be an added advantage. You can have a complete 360 degree visualization of customer requirement in case you have knowledge on web development such PHP/MySQL and Digital Marketing.

What are the Job Options?

  • Become an Entrepreneur
  • Freelance
  • Join Companies
  • Create templates / themes and sell

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Free Placement Services

As there is an increasing demand for a qualified personnel, we built a platform to post profiles for our students and potential job seekers with the Resume Preview facility. We will also be including a feature to upload your video profile which could earn immediate response. Besides posting resume, the job seekers will have a personal dashboard to view the job options, interview calls, etc. and will receive SMS and E-Mail Alert from the system. Also have free access to all our materials and downloads.

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