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A Web designer is the person responsible for determining the look and feel of a website. They design the layout, the colors, the fonts, and all the visual aspects of the site. The designer’s job is very crucial to reduce bounce rate with elegant visual appeal. The designer should have knowledge on providing better user Experience, for example placing buttons, size, bit of animation to highlight etc. The designer might at times want to build dynamic contents based on user inputs and behaviour. Thus the role of designer is crucial to the business and here are the syllabus with greater focus on practical and live project requiremnets.

We will be covering Course Duration : 50 Hours. Fasttrack, Weekend and Online courses are available and we can customize based on your need and time.

HTML Syllabus

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Tags and Attributes
  • Importance of Anchor and usage
  • Images
  • Tables and Colors

After JavaScript

  • Forms and Form Elements
  • Canvas
  • Media Usage
  • Using APIs - Geolocation, Drag and Drop

CSS Syllabus

  • Understanding Browsers and viewports
  • Importance of Formatting
  • Introduction to CSS and Syntax
  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • External CSS
  • Menu Creation, Gradients, Pagination, Border Box and Animation
  • Media Query and Responsive Design
  • Template Customization

JavaScript Syllabus

  • Understanding JavaScript and Syntax genesis
  • Control Structures
  • Exercise using all Control Statements
  • Regular Expressions
  • Functions
  • Introduction to OOPS
  • Document Object Model, Node
  • Event Handling
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Exercise: Form Validation
  • Cookie Handling
  • Introduction to JS plugins

Bootstrap Syllabus

  • All about Bootstrap
  • Grid based structure
  • Understanding Navbar, Carousel, Model Window and ScrollSpy
  • Exercise - Create Fluid design Single Page Template

JQuery Syllabus

  • Understanding JQuery and Syntax genesis
  • JQuery Animation and Effects
  • Dynamic Form handling using JQuery - Example and Exercise
  • Dynamic Formatting and CSS handling using JQuery
  • Traversing
  • Ajax in JQuery - The Load function

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